Written by The BlackPoet

Dear Yeva

There are things ive been meaning to say to you

But every time I open my mouth, my words get stuck from somewhere beneath the beating of your heart and the skipping of mine

And every cell in my body holds its breath every time I kiss you

See I wanted to love you

Even with these scars still brand new,

I could have given anything

But your eyes didn’t want it

So I swallowed the heart I thought I would give to you someday and then kissed you

And I realized that when you’ve been broken too many times like I have,

A kiss could mean everything new,

But the truth is, It doesn’t,

It shouldn’t

It’s just a moment,

Strong enough to steal the pain away just long enough for you to catch a breath and in that same moment, that moment is gone

And the pain, suffocating and cruel comes shooting back like shooting stars like these scras of mine outlined

See, I told myself I don’t love you\just so I could keep looking for a broken promise somewhere beneath your beautiful,

I remember when you asked me to not call you beautiful

I choked

I remember wishing I could regurgitate almost everything I said to you the last time I saw you

And now am not so sure I saw you

Am starting to forget you face

Apart of you fades every time it rains and it’s been raining a lot these days

So I guess it’s needed we forget

Cause it’s easier to forget

And maybe I wanted to forget.