Kitaka Alex

Kitaka Alex is of the founding member of Tontoma Poetry Jazz session a monthly gathering of Poets, Spoken word artists and visual artist.

He runs a project called Am Empowered Project at  32 East Uganda Arts Trust working with youth through Creative writing and poetry.

He is a facilitator in creative writing and poetry at Africa In Movement. An arts based organisation that works with youth using arts to create awareness in their  lives and to as well develop on their talents in arts.

He also facilitates poetry performance at annual festivals organised by the Thirst Team called; Piece by Peace Festival.

As  a writer, he is a monthly contributor in short story and poetry in The thirst magazine and Tuck Magazine, he strongly believes in “word power”. Through stories, we create, restore and regain our sense of self. He believes through our poetry, we are able to speak beyond the language and express a rather deep sense of perception.

Taking poetry on stage he believe it is not to give it life, because poetry always speaks for itself. it is an attempt speak along with it. He is currently studying music specialising in Jazz and Blues. at Esom School of Music.