Variety was the spice of  the night when Hip Hop met Spoken word at  kahwa2go cafe , ntinda on Saturday. The audience was given a treat of singing, dancing, poetry and rap which was  literally entertaining  for a show you would only expect recitation of poems.

Hamza, the dancer curtain raised the show with an energetic performance that  set pace for the night.
Daniel Omara then performed a romantic poem titled,”Winning a jalia,” which  made the men  in the audience  to pay heed attention to because of the steps needed to win a woman’s heart.

Zombi was the best perfomer of the night  and stood out  from the rest for his  originality and ability to openly say words as they are rather then other poets who would try to cover up some words.
The ladies were represented by Laker and Daphine Alinda.
Hip Hop was headlined by Jungle, the Luso rapper who entertained the audience with his well known lusoga  poem titled,” Susanna.”

Jenix, the genius , an artist  had a difficult time delivering because  of technical issues.
The final acts of  the night,Height, the preacher and Bob recited a folktale poem and sung nursery songs which engaged the audience as they sung along. Other poets that performed include; Gordon Mark( The slamm poet), Bernard Mujuni, Daniel streetsider, Oushi and  rusho.

Author: Maria Owechi