Of Becoming A Man

Written by Ssesanga Dennis Ernest


When I was a child,

There was little I knew about how I came into existence

Little did I know about what it takes to exist

I simply became me and thought not much about my being

I only knew that I was being and Mum and Dad were the closest elderly beings to me

It was innocent for me to see mum share a room with dad

For that was normal and besides it’s what I found being

I recalled of days when mother’s nutritious warm embrace was my moment of relief from hunger


Only until when my other siblings came along,

That I was served less of her glass of warm motherly embrace.

With time, my crawling siblings grew to walk and joined my club

So we walked the whole house with a mandate of breaking glass and collecting spoil

We mastered the corners of the house, and left no table unturned

Playing games and watching TV as the broadcasters willed

We loved the animations not forgetting pingu and the laughter of Didi the comedian


On becoming boys, we loved and learnt the house of music

We sung the do ray me far saw… in memory of the lullabies mother sung to us,

We played hide and seek in holidays as we counted down the days to school

Leaving home was always dreaded for it separated us from the mother’s spontaneous love

Not forgetting Dad’s reprimand and discipline sessions that sent us seeking mum’s embrace


The embrace was there but not all time, mum sometimes denied us for dad to grill

Cause a spanking will groom us for the great destiny up ahead

And the wise man had spoken that spare the rod and spoil the child

So they acted like the manual of raising a man had directed

And we were spanked amidst hidden smiles of love beheld by them  in the heart.


Little did we know that time had been faithful

We had grown beards and the girls amidst had turned beautiful with breasts

The men spoke with voices that scared thunder in a rain storm

As the girls sweetly softly seduced all manly creatures that surrounded.

We in no time realised that we had to live the nest


So dad, the alpha male in the home wished us good byes of no return to his mansion

Saying that men, you have become men,

Beards you have grown and deep thundering voices you have attained,

An education I have availed with resources to support till the harvest

And boys, you have become men for you are now fit to fend for yourselves


I shall see you gladly vacate my mansion with destiny and vision

For you have confidently attained an identity and peace of self confidence

You can clearly spell and pronounce your names both in the native and foreign

And I am glad to say that I have raised a man right from tender hood,

Please walk out, find a wife and behold another child that you should gladly raise


You have now gladly become a man.