BEHIND THE SHADOW by Namatovu Crystal, Amanya Batsheba and Kisakye Gloria

As foolish as a sheep
Happiness is now off my list
I never knew this could be
The worst nightmare of my life
Stranded in darkness
I look around myself
Lost in blame
As a lady
I have lost
What I treasure most
Years run down from my face
Shame is all I hear of my name
No more luxury
But suffering at my tender age
But I believe this nightmare will cease
For the release of a dew fall
Only a gaze will turn the invisible visible
Happiness, joy, love and care
Will be on my side
And the dark shadow will be no more
For light will prevail in my future

Author: Open Mic

Open Mic Uganda is a company that presents people with a platform that promotes poetry, spoken word and related art forms. It encourages the enhancement of poetry as a recognized art form that can be used as a tool for education, communication and entertainment.