Shrouded in the darkness of my she, i bleed.
i seethe and heave to nudge this war away.
Yet there i lay.

There i lay and stare into the dark of her blackened eye.
i, no longer her spark.

i try to fan the glint that hides deep within the keep of her hearts beat.
it was too far.

i tried to will her willowed soul sing not a dirge.
She kept her still.
No words would spill.
And my i was left lain, slain!

If mine heart could string open your eyes see mine,
i would wish you see what i see.
i would wish you watch from piers and docks;
The wonderment that waves doth bring forth,
The bravado and beauty of dew at day break,
The wit of flower in bloom…the moon.

i would wish you lay palm upon mist and hear the breath of earth.
i would wish you weigh your hearts way back to mine.
But wish is selfish.

Do i wish you free, when i wish to enslave you in my fleshy cave?
Do i wish you free, when my chest longs for your heart?
Do i wish you well when in my darkness i hope your light may show life?
Do i wish you right?

Selfish is but the manner of my love,
And for this she leaves.

My days broke dark a thousand suns over.
My sight blinded by past lights, past delights.
Curse hindsight!

Why must the touch on fabrics soft remind my thoughts of your humble embrace?
Why must the songs of past desire dull my faint fire?
Why must taste creep me to where we once fed our love?
Why must this spice remind me of the cut that brought us together…
Then sting us apart?

How dare she?
How dare she drag my tattered palms in shards of broken glass?
How dare she skin my knee as i beg her hear my speak?
How dare she lick my wounds with her poisoned sweet tongue tip,
Which i sip?

How dare she?

How dare you!
How dare you claim love then yank Cupids arrow with my heart at its tip,
Beating the last breath of death.
Slowly, ceasing.
Hopelessly, gasping.
Last moments oozing…

The Grim Reaper walked upon my chest last night,
And whispered;
Good night my child,
Good night…

Author: Open Mic

Open Mic Uganda is a company that presents people with a platform that promotes poetry, spoken word and related art forms. It encourages the enhancement of poetry as a recognized art form that can be used as a tool for education, communication and entertainment.