Many lies by Prisca Nagujja

Many lies…
Black tongues, dark hearts drunk on deception
Empty vessels once filled with emotion 
Now a home to Loneliness
Flying arrows piercing through the marrow
Laden with bitter venom. My fragile heart cannot fathom.
Running as fast as my heels can go
But on hope I am low
A dark tide is rising engulfing the light
Solace, warmth, passion-relics of my past- consumed by this nightmare
The tide has caught up with me and I am drowning
Death is watching with a smirk on his face
At the bottom of cold black sea, I sit, waiting patiently for death
My lungs are failing me…
Welcome to rock bottom. What is an angel like you doing my nightmare?
Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I could be saved.

To all those going through trying moments, keep the faith. God will come through for you.

Author: Dennis Ssesanga

Dennis is a public health worker with passion for poetry. He is currently one of the promoters of a spoken word platform called Open Mic Uganda that gives opportunity for poets from various walks of life to showcase their talents at monthly shows