Ministry of Poetry by Drew De’aloi

My eyes sit on the pulpit
and my voice roams the streets, entering every house, every pit…
calling men and women of ink
to come and drink
thoughts of the wise
so their inks shall forever rise

Is a sacred literary ministry
of great minds, and souls, bonded to creativity
…a divine connectivity

Hail the ministers of poetry
They are everywhere. Take a flight from Chemistry to Biochemistry,
Archeology to Zoology,
Statistics to Mathematics,
Economics to Physics
Geography to Philosophy,
Sociology to ‘doxology’…
You will inhale their words everywhere
like oxygen in air

They are the songbirds of nature
They are the mouthpiece of literature
They may die several days before the eyes of eternity
But their works will only die a day after eternity

Author: Open Mic

Open Mic Uganda is a company that presents people with a platform that promotes poetry, spoken word and related art forms. It encourages the enhancement of poetry as a recognized art form that can be used as a tool for education, communication and entertainment.