Music by Paul Businge

Chords and harmonies
Patient melodies
Breathtaking and soothing
The therapy of music
The raw emotion of a broken heart
Passionately portrayed in smooth, soft soul music
Soothing tears till they trickle down
So the pieces of the heart can fall gently
Enough for it not to hurt so much
The joy of knowing you’re loved
By the one you love
Colorful rainbows
Red violets and blue roses
Or is it red roses and blue violets
Or does it even matter
When the butterflies in your stomach
Flap their wings to the rhythm of your heart
Even in the midst of extreme boredom
Music is the remedy
When the sound of congas and mad guitars
Keep you nodding your head absentmindedly
To find someone express emotions
You feel but don’t know how to verbalize
To find an outlet for the noise
Coming from the circus in your head
But if you put your hand to your chest
Close your eyes, and listen closely enough
You’ll feel and see that the music
Was inside you all along

Author: Dennis Ssesanga

Dennis is a public health worker with passion for poetry. He is currently one of the promoters of a spoken word platform called Open Mic Uganda that gives opportunity for poets from various walks of life to showcase their talents at monthly shows