My heart breaks by Rehema Nanfuka

So this morning I am going to work and i find that some reckless driver had run over a dog. Its in the middle of the road on a brink of death. On side of the road, other dogs have congregated like we do when we lose a loved one. The dogs are howling and yelping! Another driver runs over the dog, finishing it off. And there is a silence, like the dogs are in a state of shock….

I know that other vehicles will run over that dog until nothing is left of it. They will crash the bones and flesh and wear out the skin until there is nothing left of the dog. I don’t know when the dogs on the side will decide to leave, but one morning i found a puppy knocked dead and the mummy was on the side yelping. When i came back from work, i found her still on the side of the road.
So i ask what if the roles were reversed. What if it was your loved one run over by several cars? Well, you wouldn’t let it get to crashed bones…… it’s the arrogance of human beings thinking that their lives are more valuable than other beings. Yet other beings contribute more for earth, while we destroy it.

Author: Dennis Ssesanga

Dennis is a public health worker with passion for poetry. He is currently one of the promoters of a spoken word platform called Open Mic Uganda that gives opportunity for poets from various walks of life to showcase their talents at monthly shows