MY PROMISE TO YOU by Ochen Alan Maxivin And Lyz Umwiza

MY PROMISE TO YOU by Ochen Alan Maxivin & Lyz Umwiza - Open Mic Uganda

I promise that I will stand there
Even when the sun paces away
I will keep you warm
Through the night 
I promise to hold you tight
Every hour of the day or night.

The temptations that run the earth
Is merely a far away dream
Like a strangers favorite flute
I will stick with you forever
As long as you come back to me
I will always be there for you.

Love is blind 
That is what they say
But in this love
In this love I see you
In this love I can hold your heart beat
That leaps forward and back
Peacefully like a dancing toddler.

Hold me now and never let go
Stroke my hair kiss my neck
Fumble my hand and caress my arm
Press your hand softly against mine
And let our fingers interlock together
This is what I want forever.

Lizzy my dear
Your heart is warm like the morning sun
In it I would wish to stay forever
With you in my life
There is no need for the moon
Move closer and experience the thrill
Of what you and I share together.

Oh Alan your are so sweet
People see you differently
They see you with eyes of jealousy
To me, your are the match to my heart
A little stroke here and there
There will be light.

I shan’t leave for even a single minute
A short time away from you
Seems like eternity
Walk with me 
Lets run away together
To a place far away 
But near the ocean and its beautiful waters
There you will find the one thing
That is as beautiful as you are
Something as colorful as your eyes.

Take me away from here
To a place where the chirp of birds make a choir
Hold me closer to your heartbeat
Together we can form one single heart beat
The heartbeat made of love
Lay me on the green grass
Stroke my thighs gently with a leaf
Shower me with the sacred oils of the Arabs
Then lift me slowly into the bed of paradise.

Inside your heart I have found peace
Unlike the wild world
That is full of thunder and storms
Darkness and gripping evil
The walls of your heart cuts the noise out.

For you shall remain mine
And I will remain yours
Listen not to the ill advise of other men
See not the lie in the beauty of other women
Your needs shall completely be me.

I have moved the face of the earth
Seen no beauty like yours
I have been hurt to tears
Felt the whip of the unloving soul
My heart has been torn apart
By the prevaricated tongue of humans.

Fear not sweet one
The period of turmoil is long gone
We are protected by the army of love
And surrounded by the garden of roses
You shall know no hurt
The madding crowd is far away
So release your heart from the prison
And set the caged bird free.

My soul belongs to you
My heart belongs to only you
I shall protect you
From the smallest harm in your way
The love that I hold for can not be measured
It is for eternity
I shall give it all to you
In you my search for love is over
Each time I look for love
I end up in the same place-you
With you I will stay-forever.

God gave us life 
From his position above
Then HE gave us love
Something fragile like a dove
So we can protect and love
If tears could express my heart
I would cry a sea for you
The sparkle in your eye renders me life
I will offer you the world
And hold the stars above you as you sleep
You are mine and I shall always be yours
That is my promise that I shall keep.

Author: Open Mic

Open Mic Uganda is a company that presents people with a platform that promotes poetry, spoken word and related art forms. It encourages the enhancement of poetry as a recognized art form that can be used as a tool for education, communication and entertainment.