No petrol!

No Petrol!

she said that she wouldnt walk to work
that every one else walking was damn
so she drove her car to work
laughing at everyone walking on the road
and so the car starts to warn:
no petrol
…no petrol
no petro
she parked her car and walked to work
she had less money for the litre of petrol
she walked to work

for the very first time

So the walk she didn’t contest for;
soon caught up with her!
The feet she had preserved
were soon used to no reserve,
as the wallet crisis could not save
but let her in to the demise of the day’s will:
she walked alongside the wanainchi
she had well overlooked.

The world is round!

By Jamain Nada and Ssesanga Dennis

Author: Dennis Ssesanga

Dennis is a public health worker with passion for poetry. He is currently one of the promoters of a spoken word platform called Open Mic Uganda that gives opportunity for poets from various walks of life to showcase their talents at monthly shows