NO TITLE by Kitamirike Dan

I have slept with the devils and yet come out a saint 
the pocking eyelids of his mesengers becoming the clients 
to which my pimp servitude have to endure 
looking at my , oh my raped in gangs in and out 

The stories of fame brought me to the devil
mine was the soul for which the price rested
looking deep in the eyelids of the future did my innocence lose itself
but my jovial spirits lit the way of the light, for on ward christian soldiers….

My girl, i showed you the sharks, and in them i help you swim
i have turned you into a gruesome worrior of whatever you will get AIDS from
but my buts have still sorrounded my misgivings into giving you up
for the tides that your skate swim are not a place of the faint hearted

Little girl, the money is its worth but not it
its what yuor soul will fare on if we stand
my kiss may nolonger rescue you from their pockets
but their fungs are in the sky ready to suck you! just like they always do 

Author: Open Mic

Open Mic Uganda is a company that presents people with a platform that promotes poetry, spoken word and related art forms. It encourages the enhancement of poetry as a recognized art form that can be used as a tool for education, communication and entertainment.