SOLILOGUY by Drew De’Aloi

SOLILOGUY by Drew De’Aloi | Open Mic Uganda

My past enemy
Filled with such rage and enmity
In all reality was Andrew Ayeni
He was verily steadily Running rampantly savagely
Ignoring and abhorring 
The truth and the remedy
He carried the weight of past pain and vast strain in his brain
Which weighed him down heavily

As he always felt estranged and detached
Like he was born in the realm ether heavenly
Concise commotional and collaborative clarity
Aggravated his temporal regality
No longer capable of disguising his reality
Raised from the grave 
To dwell under a new phase and an astute stage canopy
Questioning ‘can it be’?
That we’ve aged 
To rise to a higher stage
A greater phase
Found peace internally centrally
ANDREW became the control center of his life legacy 
In his intellectual headquarters embassy
He chose to look beyond his genetic heredity
And so he made a recipe
To no longer let life circumstances drag him down terribly

He had looked within himself and found serenity
And then his tendency 
As part of human tenancy
He utilized self guile successfully 
Not madman denial to reach his point of heraldry

He believes he did it out of necessity
Because his soul core weighed heavily 
With unnecessary density

Believing he was a cosmic piece of the life puzzle essentially
He proclaimed that his birth name would be brought to the heights of fame
After years of stress, strain and pain
That were going to be utilized to strengthen his character
And better discipline his perception 
Of this third dimensional plane

He recognized his affinity toward word wizardry as his natural chemistry
Believing it was his fate and destiny
He created multiple personalities 
Yet remained an individually ubiquitous lyricist entity
Revealing his primacy publicly and privately

Much more than incredibly
He used his ambition as equity
Writing spoken word artistry initially in itself was a rewarding penalty
Desiring a perfectly dictated delivery
He became a fractal grammatical deputy
DREW ‘was morose temporarily’ mentally
For he sought to be the best 
And not be looked upon as secondly
Perfecting his enunciation and alliteration 
Spent time sharpening his etymology as weaponry
Yet remained secure in himself with humble sincerity
Strangely yet efficaciously seeking soliloquy supremacy
He practiced his ability to harness his words spit salivarily chemically
Eradicating ineffective exhaustive machinations to reach the point of soul ecstasy

He came to recognize 
As his creations grew larger
Parts of his reality began to spiral into entropy
DREW manifested musically inclined poetic melodies
Postponed for a decade 
As if for a ‘Future Self’ in posterity
Spawning while spitting sporadic specialties of Soul Ascendancy

Barely believing his brush with success
He hesitated and turned away with brevity
Yet now living helplessly
People pass by claiming they see a man of different pedigree
But incredibly sensibly
ANDREW and I (now DREW) needed to look within ourselves 
And forgive me for my vast past 
For poor choices and heal me with relevant reverent clemency
ANDREW is not delicately elegant
But is dedicated to elevate while not seeking social relevance 
Neither does he care for a burial day elegy
Forever thinking thoughts heavenly 
While being ‘hated on’ with venomous jealously
DREW Mage magically assisted the healing 
With terminal terminology medically

My dear Soul PhiLogical was irresponsible 
And used my disdain for his concisely precise demise of a chronicle
Knowing that once my wrath was provoked
That it is irrevocably possibly unstoppable

Illumination warned of 
Too much ambitious determination
Ego inflation 
That causes the ID and Super Ego self perpetuated eternal trepidation
And he chose to impose His style of fluid like flows
Revealing another paradox like ‘The Steps Primrose’
He helps us to better develop, envelop 
And factual fantastical flows compose
He no doubt is important to us, I suppose
For admittedly without the brightened enlightenment of Illumination
We probably would have long ago died, withered and decomposed

So NOW we are more practical than drastically radical
Said Strange Poet swiftly
He entered the scene too abrupt and quivering quickly – for he too is ‘with me’

Rambunctious but not wording verbs recklessly
Six of us plus ANDREW make us our own military camp of lyrical weaponry

And one humorous inevitable amenity
Is that we all believe that each of us individually should lead
Which leads to sacrificial struggle and soul revelry

Some have met with us and thought they met me
But seems that many have forgotten 
That there are a few of us in this one physical identity
Our soul integrity 
Is primarily built upon the heavenly necessity
Of ‘our potential’, for various forms of prosperity
And so we maintain a foundational similarity
Personalities unified in solidarity 
But recognized as schizophrenic multiplistic polarities

Because we allegedly
Believe that unified we can offer love, light and entertaining insight with salivary chemotherapy
For all regality and those of the peasantry
Speaking super duper superfluous splendid pleasantries

Purposely and purposefully using ancient Babylonian vibrational resonance and hieroglyphic encrypted psychotherapy
Mixed with our eloquent elixir of spiritual dexterity
That’s deeper than the abyss which is EVER Expanding endlessly

As a divine mind using prime rhymes in every line to draw you in and have you inclined to dine on our mind
The intent is to be the impetus in opening your eyes
So you yourself get your own soul refined
For I have no need to remind the blind that they are blind and confined
For I commune at various frequencies frequently
And done so quite decently
That when it is time for any given mind to open its third optic
It shall do so as a response to a vibratory resonance from a chakra activating rhythmic line in any one of my rhymes
And until THAT moment in time
Keep your mind aware and eyes open for the sign

Spoken with solemnity
The recognizable immensity of my personas propensity
Breaking boundaries of those whom live in fear dreadfully
Wrestling against shadows and inner demons intimately restlessly
Inhaling heavily while exhaling and nearly soul impaling breathlessly

It is for me to articulate responsibly flexibly
For some bourgeois think regally and some of actual regality think in mindsets of peasantry

And what’s an incredible
tendency of mental peasantry
Is to think, speak and act small in life’s dark halls – hence walking a darkened path unsteadily

Vacuous minds with spiritual vasectomies
No thoughts of seeds to plant and other minds impregnate
To potentially elevate and escalate their self love and NOT hate
So the population could better postulate 
And negativity could possibly dissolve if not dissipate
But I have made it my destiny and fate
To try to gather and congregate
Multiple minds in countries or other states
To then communicate
That we should always study and evaluate
Circumstances can reach through and teach you
If you’re willing to learn and self-educate
And so we propagate and perpetuate a clear mental state
To make it easier to fumigate and slowly disintegrate
The psychological poisonous lies that have for centuries kept us separate and had us segregate

So, just momentarily contemplate
On the passion you have or allowed to dwindle in the past
No pain is too vast
No thought is too fast
All strain you can surpass
If you just look WITHIN and laugh
And realize that its been lies placed before your eyes
That caused your many cries
Had you sad and deprived
Angered that you were alive
Get up off your A$$ and no longer just struggle and strive just to be alive

The human experience is of utmost intensity
Live it successfully, more than potentially
Live IN THE MOMENT presently
LOOK inward and divulge in the urge to destroy all decrepit discrepancy

Now ANDREW expects a high level of expedient expectancy
Impressively pressing on self clemency incessantly
Because it makes the most sense, sensibly

D.D.A(Drew De’aloi Ayeni) are not superficial initials 
But are what make all of us disperse multiple verses and make our rhymes divinely inspired and official

Alive and KNOWING that I arrived and derive from high majesty
I speak of life tragedies, fallacies and mental maladies 

DREW is more accepting of never rejecting or disrespecting
Knowledge consumed daily with pearls of wisdom correctly collecting

It is serendipitous that we speak splendidly
For we purposely accidentally met and are rewired acceptably
Speak of life purpose esoterically
Revealing quadrants of truth prophetically
The mind of DREW displays and relays
Informative verbiage when he articulates and conveys mental magic masterfully

And makes sure to do it 
With complex simplicity to be explicitly 
More than descriptive vividly
And expose through limericks, prose and corrective colloquial soliloquies
That you too are divine consciousness infinitely!

Author: Open Mic

Open Mic Uganda is a company that presents people with a platform that promotes poetry, spoken word and related art forms. It encourages the enhancement of poetry as a recognized art form that can be used as a tool for education, communication and entertainment.