To those who are loved and forget to love back!

Morning skies are blue
Yet evening skies maybe red
It may be here today and across the mountain when skies turn gray
That love left across that road is a gift for who you are
Every bit of it is for the good in you,
It is the worth for the beauty in you
It is what you deserve for the gifts in you
Yet you have left it across the street,
Like a letter to a deserted residence
Like a stepped on rose,
Like a soul between heaven and hell
24 hours of each day and none to notice 24 hours of their hearts’ desire
There is a heart out there wishing for love
And now you have given your love away
To tears and sadness of those who love you
They are hurting all out of love
If only their hearts knew before they loved
You could love back, however simple it maybe!

Author: Dennis Ssesanga

Dennis is a public health worker with passion for poetry. He is currently one of the promoters of a spoken word platform called Open Mic Uganda that gives opportunity for poets from various walks of life to showcase their talents at monthly shows