Twenty Four by Kidron

I lost my virginity to youth.
And traded in my sanity for truth.
I uprooted my Christianity like a tooth.
Was taught by humanity. That fate is uncouth…

So I spent a better part of my puberty.
Hitting bars and laying bars in the booth.
Mimicked my peers. N emptied some beers.
Hit gym. Some gin n nicotine. Just so I cd fit in…

In fear of vanity. Trying to find me.
Even tried school. But that didn’t define me.
So I abandoned my transcript for my own script.
Learnt to script. Hit the street. Did my dirt. Had to eat…

Money came fast. But friends came first.
But the money didn’t last. It left first.
Some friends too. Left just as fast.
And now I know who to trust…

Blind and desperate as a bat.
I left my own heart somewhere.
In another’s chest in the past.
Call it trust. Or was it lust?

I lost it where she found it.
And by choice. I insisted.
Placed it where it cursed.
Behold. A bitter seed was cast…

For I kept it where she trashed it.
In her heart. Not by force. But simply because.
To me. She was like the first. Now another has found it.
Not that she has filled it. But she has healed it. She has held it…

I’ve lived. I’ve loved. I’ve laughed. I’ve lost.
I’ve hurt. I’ve hoped. I’ve lied. I’ve cried.
Have I shared? Or cared? You decide.
But still. I am yet to say I’ve learnt…

And here I am. Still the same. After 24 years.
You can bet I’m all you say I am. Cheers to ma 23rd.
Welcome to my 24th. Glad 2b alive. And to 25; here I come
To friends and family. Unto your smiles, hours, years and days…

May the good lord add mine. AMEN.

Author: Open Mic

Open Mic Uganda is a company that presents people with a platform that promotes poetry, spoken word and related art forms. It encourages the enhancement of poetry as a recognized art form that can be used as a tool for education, communication and entertainment.