YOU by Apio Winnie

They say the alphabet is made of 26 letters
well I guess that makes me a fool
cause I admit I know just 3

you are the first gush of fresh air that flows through my lungs in the morning when i wake up
as if closing my eyes and not seeing you in the night
were something that kept me

Like a baby
Stuck in the darkness of her mother’s womb;
being alive
and yet not knowing life.

You are my life.
Every direction of my living blueprinted into the shape
of your veins
leading me to my final destination
your heart.

The echo of your laugh
resounds like a sweet baritone in a choir of angels;
whose glow reflects in the glimmer of your eyes.
And your voice
oh, that voice!
It’s as if some celestial being
were seated at the back of your vocal cords
magically strumming them
to produce a sound so hypnotic
No woman could ever be able to resist.
And then you say my name
the way you say my name,
like it were the only dialect your mind can comprehend.
You say my name and every one who’s said it before sounds wrong
you baptize me with love filled droplets
every time you say my name.

Your smile makes the rainbow jealous.
You see, it gets to arch right side up
and yet still look so handsome.
with no prelude of a rainy day
or background of a cloudy sky,
it just sits there.

Like the muscles on your face 
were dancing the tango with your teeth
revealing a curve so beautiful
no lyrical composition
or metaphor filled vocabulary 
could ever be able to describe.
If I could,
I would wrap your smile up
and send it to the sun
just so it could understand
 what it means
to make some one’s day brighter.

They say no one’s perfect
and they make it seem so bad.
Yet you come along and make imperfection feel so good
when you entwine your fingers in mine and remind me
that every hole in your life
was made for me to fill
like two pieces of a puzzle
that fit together
still having the cracks of imperfection
and yet being perfectly complete
you complete me.

And sometimes
I believe you were the reason
I was created with such beauty and grace
just so you would have the best;
you deserve the best.
And just in case it’s not already obvious
I just want to make it clear

Author: Open Mic

Open Mic Uganda is a company that presents people with a platform that promotes poetry, spoken word and related art forms. It encourages the enhancement of poetry as a recognized art form that can be used as a tool for education, communication and entertainment.