YOU MISUNDERSTAND ME by Ochen Alan Maxivin

You think I show Off
I don’t
That I am a show off
But I am not
I do it the way I want
Pardon moi, monsieur
For telling you this
I couldn’t help but notice
That to you, I look a nuisance
Is it my face, if it is
I can’t change it
You need to know that
A mother does not abandon her child
If the child is lame

My haircut is not so nice
Yet I got it for a deserved price
But cheap, you say it is and then you curse
You too can walk and then rise
Then you go on talking as I listen
Small spits on saliva capture you hatred
As you say
Done by a scumbag and dirty barber
You, you don’t understand me
If the haircut hurts you
I can help you come through
All I want, is to look smart
The dirty barber is my brother
That should help you save the bother

Look here
I work really hard
And its from my heart
Just like you do
To survive
Just like you
While in the bank
You will find me in the queue
Looking all blue
In an old shoe
I tell you that you misunderstand me

Oh, I attended school too
My favourite class was Senior two
So I can read, write and speak too
You have a problem with that too
I don’t take the local brew
Even when with my local duo
Well, maybe grilled anyara and goat stew
If you understand me
A man eatheth from his work
Whether a lawyer or a dirty town clerk

Once in a while
I get to have fun
Far away from my home town
At the beach muddled in sand
Wish I too, had a young son
We would walk together hand-in-hand
Yet you misunderstand me
For trying to have a good day
Every end of the month of May
Home you insist I stay
So that I do not stray
And leave you in total fray

Let not my suit fool you
Deceit is only for humans
Let not the car woo you
Other wise you will turn into a woman
Its the nature of the work
A flower does not choose its color
So I cant pick my collar
Hope you understand me
Hide your envy
And prepare a good entry
Like yesu and the Jerusalem landing
Dry seasons wither the tree
And let the leaves go free
The two of us can form a good team
We may not even need to, over tea
Though you need to understand me.

Author: Open Mic

Open Mic Uganda is a company that presents people with a platform that promotes poetry, spoken word and related art forms. It encourages the enhancement of poetry as a recognized art form that can be used as a tool for education, communication and entertainment.